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Mondigromax, cultivating culture

From its beginnings in 2001 Mondigromax has been acting as a link between artists and their creative interests and projects on the one hand, and the realization of these projects on the other, leading them to their natural destiny: public performance.

Our task is to undertake investigation in the world of creation so as to detect specially promising ideas and to stimulate the production of innovative projects of quality. We take part actively in setting the creation of a new work in motion, in bringing it before the public and in the circulation of the new work in the spheres of opera and ballet.

Dietrich Grosse, founder and director of Mondigromax, became director, along with Toni Rumbau, of the Festival of Pocket Opera and New Creations (Festival d’Òpera de Butxaca i Noves Creacions - FOBNC) in 2004. The quality of the productions generated for the festival, their extension (with co-productions on an international scale as well as collaborations with other institutions in the city of Barcelona) along with the perceived need to support these productions further after the initial festival performances, led to Mondigromax setting in motion an editorial department so as to guarantee the continuity of the most outstanding works. Mondigromax is the publishing house for the operas of Agustí Charles, Joan Albert Amargós, the compositions of Enric Palomar and the librettists Marc Rosich and Rebecca Simpson.

Over the course of recent years, Mondigromax has collaborated with prestigious festivals, theatres and companies on a national and international level.

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